Meet Our Staff

Tammy Harbison

Executive Director

Since 2008, Tammy has managed the school with the goal of maintaining an early childhood education environment that provides the best possible learning experiences for children every day.

A former Montessori preschool student herself, Tammy believes that self-directed learning is foundational to fostering curiosity, independence, confidence and problem solving skills. She is grateful to be part of the magic that happens at Sun and Stars each day.

Maria Garcia

Lead Teacher

Maria has nurtured, supported and encouraged children at Sun & Stars Montessori for more than 37 years! A native of Mexico, Maria considers it a gift to have been able to co-teach with so many great, respectful and caring teachers over the years.

Maria enjoys organizing the environment to best suit the needs of the children and loves to lesson plan! Her main goal as an educator is to guide and nurture the child’s innate love of learning.

Nelida Jacobo

Lead Teacher

Ms. Neli loves coming to work every day! She is particularly keen on the two year olds; the ways in which they use their minds, their honesty, bravery and sense of humor. Neli has grown with Sun and Stars for almost 20 years and continues to love and learn.

The children are a part of Ms. Neli’s life and she genuinely cares for each and every one of them. Ms. Neli plans to retire at Sun and Stars as she believes wholeheartedly that is is a place full of love and happiness.

Lucero Guzman


Raised in St. Helena, Lucero values the community, her relationships with the Sun and Stars parents and, most importantly, the children.

Teaching primarily in the Stars class, she feels fortunate to witness so many “firsts” and loves being a part of the childrens’ lives during this impressionable time. She appreciates the good-vibe environment, the thoughtful team and the overall sense of happiness at Sun and Stars.

Johanna Muessel


Johanna, born and raised in Finland where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, has been teaching at Sun and Stars for six years. Before joining Sun and Stars, Johanna followed her love of adventure, travel and education around the world where she lived and worked as a preschool teacher in Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Finnland and the United States.

Stephany Tejeda

Assistant Teacher

Stephany is a patient, loving and trustworthy teacher who has been with Sun & Stars for 8 years.  With experience in both classrooms, Stephany fosters independence and confidence in the children. 

The end of the school year feels particularly hard for Stephany as she loves and cares for each child!

Rosaura Alvarez Calderon


Originally from Mexico City, Rosaura is a dynamic, creative addition to the Sun and Stars staff. She is adaptable, calm and, above all, has a deep interest in learning.

With a degree in psychology, Rosaura strives to be a factor for change.