Enrollment Process

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  1. Visit #1: Contact the school to set up a tour. The first tour is for adults.
  2. Submit Application for Admission with a new student application fee.
  3. Visit #2: Set up a time to visit the classroom with your child.
  4. Determine enrollment and complete paperwork prior to first day.
  5. Optional home visit prior to first day
  6. Prepare for “Phase-in”


Phase-in is the gradual addition of children to the classroom prior to the first full week of school. Children typcially attend one hour the first day and with increases throughout the week. ‘Phasing-in’ accomplishes the following:
 provides time for students to adjust to the environment
 provides the time required to establish good social contacts
 helps to make the first days of school more relaxed
 allows for a calm and personal introduction of each child to their teacher, environment and peers

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Classroom Areas

Basic Policies