Sun and Stars Montessori on Yelp



“Isabelle has taken off like a shooting star since coming to Sun & Stars! Thanks for making her feel so good and happy!”
-Mary Grace, Parent

“Sun and Stars is a jewel. It was really difficult for us to put our son in the hands of another, to trust someone else with his development and well-being. The staff at Sun and Stars has given us the confidence and comfort we needed. Thank you!

“Max has thrived since starting at the Toddler House. He is confident, happy and loves going to school. Sun and Stars is a perfect balance of education and fun. Our family is very thankful to the wonderful staff.”
-Karen Dantzler, Parent

“The serenity of the Toddler House is utterly inviting. Dropping my 2 yr. old off there was made so much easier by the peaceful atmosphere and the gentle teachers. I often wanted to stay myself, just to be in that sweet space.”
-Haley Wight, Parent

“Henry’s confidence and social skills have improved & his approach to tidying up, washing hands etc. have greatly improved.”
-Sally Burton, Parent

“Both of my children have attended Sun and Stars Montessori School and we couldn’t be happier with the school. It offers the perfect balance between creativity and academics, all while fostering curiosity and independent thinking. Most of the staff have been there for many years which creates a consistent, professional environment and a place where children feel safe and secure. Preschool is the first step in a child’s education and we are grateful to Sun and Stars for starting our children off on the path to success.”
-Heather Dahline, Parent

“Our family couldn’t be more pleased with Sun and Stars Montessori School for our daughter’s Kindergarten year. She is offered interesting and challenging activities unique to the Montessori Method and works at her own pace. The classroom materials are kept new and fresh – changing frequently. Our daughter is exposed to Spanish, art and drama along with the “three R’s” of learning. One of the things we love about the school is the individual attention and instruction she receives. The teachers and staff provide positive caring guidance. Our daughter looks forward to attending Sun and Stars Montessori School every morning. We commute from outside St. Helena – and we believe it is worth the drive.”
-Katja Loeffelholz, Parent

“Our son loves school so much he can’t get enough of it. He either cries when he has to leave school or when he doesn’t have school he says “Let’s go to school!”
-Erika Alvarez, Parent

“Both of our children have truly loved their time at Sun and Stars! They are more confident about themselves, are inquirers and have tremendous respect for other people, animals, the environment and the world! They (we) owe a good amount of that to the teachers and curriculum that you have developed.”
-Krisi Raymond, Parent

“My daughter comes home teaching me Spanish & French and asking why she can’t go to school on Saturday & Sunday too.

With sunshine streaming through the windows, I watch as children move about the classroom with confidence and curiosity. The room is bright, clean, and organized with warm, gentle teachers leading the way. Sun and Stars Montessori lays the foundation for wonderful students and good citizens.”
-Anita M. Davena, Ph.D., Former Parent, Reading Coach

“During each of our children’s 3 years at Sun and Stars we observed them develop from toddlers into independent, confident little people with a love of learning and happy, positive attitudes. We could not have asked for a better foundation and extension of our home where our children felt loved and respected.”
-Karla Griffin, Parent

“Sun and Stars is a loving, kind, creative school for young children to develop basic life skills and an enjoyment of learning. Our daughter has really found a positive ability to express/explore her interests and gain independence.”
-Katie Roberts, Parent