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Basic Policies and Information


Prior to school year enrollment, each new family should be contacted for a child assessment and parent meeting prior to the first day of school. This provides the opportunity to observe, assess and confirm each child’s placement in class. Following confirmation of enrollment, the next two months are a probationary period. During that two-month period, if it is deemed necessary to assess the child’s placement in school, the teacher will schedule a conference to discuss the child’s work habits, emotional or social behavior. Any time a student’s behavior or performance requires professional intervention, the Administrator will first utilize the expertise of the professional on staff. If further intervention is merited, parents will be notified that an outside source is necessary, at cost to the parent.


The transition from home to the independence of a school can be challenging. Children should therefore, begin with short visits to school, lengthening the time each week. Parents must also make themselves available to help ease this situation. Please be prepared to stay at school if separation is difficult.
We discourage parents from ‘sneaking out’ while their child is distracted; as they may fear that the teacher will ‘sneak out’ on them, too. A healthy separation is accomplished when preschoolers can comfortably transfer their feelings of security to another adult. A healthy separation is characterized by a child’s favorable reaction to the fact that “mommy or daddy is leaving now”, and that s/he “will be back later”.


Phase-in is the gradual addition of children to the classroom prior to the first full week of school. All students – new and old will have a phasing in period. ‘Phasing-in’ accomplishes the following:
 provides time for students to adjust to the environment
 provides the time required to establish good social contacts
 helps to make the first days of school more relaxed
 allows for a calm and personal introduction of each child to their teacher, environment and peers


Personal items, sometimes carried around by children, are best left at home. This includes bottles, pacifiers, dolls and toys of any sort. As some items are quite handled and sometimes put in the mouth, they can be unsanitary if handled by other children in the environment. If your child is attached to such an item, s/he should be able to put their item away upon arrival at school. If this will present a problem, please begin a weaning period far in advance of your child’s first day of school. Parents should not expect teachers to impose this rule, but should take the initiative in making this a smooth process.


Children should not wear any of the following clothing:
 clothing with obscene, violent or inappropriate language or pictures (including Superheroes)
 Sandals or thongs without a back strap.


All sweaters, jackets, hats, umbrellas and any other personal belongings of the children must be labeled. This will prevent the accumulation of unclaimed lost-and-found items. Preschool children should take slippers home periodically to be washed, and to check for proper sizing.


Learning to use the toilet is a natural process and considered part of the self-care curriculum in our Toddler program. We encourage self-help skills with our toilet training which ultimately leads to confidence and independence in children’s ability to manage themselves. Please send your child in clothing that they can easily manage themselves. For example: comfortable stretchy-type clothing, pants with elastic waists, and shoes with velcro closures or that slip on. Please do not send your child in overalls, onesies or clothing that has numerous buttons and/or snaps. Please do not send your child with pull-ups as it is part of our philosophy at Sun and Stars that children learn best by transitioning directly from diapers to underwear.

Children are invited to the restroom at specific times throughout the day, whether they are getting a new diaper and/or using the toilets.

We encourage children to remove their own diaper and put it in the trash can. They are invited to sit on the toilet if they’d like, wipe, flush, help with a new diaper, pull up their own pants and wash their hands.

Children will not be forced to sit on the toilet.

Children with BM’s will be changed by a teacher on the changing table. The teachers are trained to use gloves and follow all sanitary diapering practices. Bathroom visits are logged throughout the day. Please see a teacher if you have a question about your child’s bathroom use on any given day.


Sun and Stars Montessori does not have “sick child” facilities. A child, who is ill, should be in a restful place receiving individual attention. According to State law, teachers must receive children at the door who are in a proper state of health for school. Therefore, children should not attend school under the following conditions:
 within the first 24 hours of a cold – this is when a cold is most contagious
 when a child has a fever and within the first 24 – 48 hours following a fever
 when lack of sleep prevents a child from functioning in school
 when a child exhibits any symptoms of a contagious illness
 within the first 24 hours of taking medication for a contagious illness


Children bring their own lunches and snacks which need to be ready to eat. Staff can warm items. Unused food in good condition will be saved. Only nutritious, low sugar foods are allowed for lunch.


Our recognition of a child’s birth connects with our Montessori curriculum. Within such recognition, we express appreciation for the awesomeness of birth and growth. This occurs with a story concerning the life of the child, photos from the family and perhaps the lighting of a candle. Should you choose to bring a special snack, it will be shared at that time. We encourage you to choose a nutritious snack to share.


Sun and Stars Montessori is committed to maintaining a peaceful environment. Children who display violent behavioral challenges will be sent home, and may be expelled. We encourage parents to meet with us regarding positive solutions for working through feelings of aggression.


No school is able to function effectively on tuition alone. It is also clear that when parents are more connected to their child’s educational environment, the child benefits from the clear partnership support. While some parents are able to provide outstanding support to the school, we wish all parents to assist the school in some way, so that we do not overburden a minority.

Therefore, Sun and Stars Parents are required to support the school by volunteering time to assist with fundraising and/or community building.


Please support the well being of the school by bringing any unaddressed or serious concerns to the Executive Director. Problems should not be aired as gossip among others, but presented to the Executive Director for communication, sharing and solutions. The Executive Director office hours will be posted; additionally, parents may send an email, request optimum times for telephone calls, have a conference or make arrangements for a visit.


Regular pick-up times are:
Half day 12:00 pm
School day 3:00 pm


Parents have the responsibility to keep themselves informed by availing themselves of the school’s sources of communication. They are:

The Parent Board, Notes home, E-mail or text