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Our Philosophy

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At Sun and Stars Montessori School, we believe that the partnership between family and school is the cornerstone upon which a child builds self-respect, joy, confidence and a sense of interconnectedness with others.

Our parents . . .

We strive to strengthen the connections with our parents, through education, training, information sharing and interaction within the environment and in support of the school. Sun and Stars Parents recognize the importance that early years education plays in their child‟s future. With that knowledge, parents make a clear commitment to use their time and resources to the best of their ability, to support the students at Sun and Stars Montessori School.


Our families . . .

We recognize the partnership between the child, the school and the family and strive to maintain a strong partnership on behalf of the child. We believe that the foundation for a successful future for children emanates from a supportive relationship between the school and family.


Our children . . .

Montessori believed that as important as physical development is to life and the body, psychic development is to the mind and spirit of a child. Some define spirituality as the peace one feels with oneself and the outside world. The spirituality of a child involves his or her heart and inner spirit. Appreciation for living things and understanding one‟s feelings and those of others, are concepts that can only be experienced through emotional nourishment, patience and unconditional love. At Sun and Stars, we believe that teaching children about the world – its practices, language and geography and how to respect those within it, will allow the child to embark on a journey which leads to tolerance and peace. This is our goal for the child. This is our vision, lived through and led by our children. This is our hope for the world