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Summer 2019!


Get ready for weeks full of fun activities including cooking, outdoor activities, music & art, science, and of course WATER PLAY! For children ages 2-6 years old.

June 17 through August 9

June 17 – 28 “Culinary Camp” (2 weeks)
Two weeks of hands-on cooking activities that are sure to be educational and fun! Cooking incorporates scientific and mathematical concepts while naturally inspiring curiosity, experimentation, thinking skills, problem solving, fine motor skill development, and hand-eye coordination. Creativity and social skills to be encouraged through Art and Dramatic Play. Students will develop healthy habits as they assist in the preparation of a nutritious morning snacks, engage in daily outdoor exercise and in the practice of self-care routines.

July 1 – 26 “Science Camps” (4 x 1 wk)
Four week-long camps dedicated to exploration and discovery! Children will use their natural curiosity to conduct experiments and learn scientific concepts. They will be introduced to Life Science through outdoor exploration (learning about plants, animals, habitats) and Physical Science through a multitude of hands-on, age-appropriate and engaging experiments. Children will identify and use all five senses while further developing their skills of inquiry, observation, prediction and hypothesis. Sample activities include mixing & “ooey-gooey” creations; they will use pulleys, ramps & gears; imagine, invent & build structures…..and more!

July 1 – 4 July Science Camp #1 (July 5- No camp)

July 8 – 12 July Science Camp #2

July 15 – 19 July Science Camp #3

July 22 – 26 July Science Camp #4

July 29 – Aug 9 “Island Life” (2 weeks)
Explore tropical habitats including rainforests and oceans. Children will go on a pre-historic adventure to learn about dinosaurs and maybe even watch a volcano erupt! Scientific exploration, musical creations, dance and open-ended art are encouraged during “Island Life” Camp. Per children’s recommendations, there will also be lots of sand and water play!

Summer Camp Times and Fees
~All Camp Hours: 9-12pm or 9-3pm Children ages 2-6 years old

~Summer camps must be registered in per week or per two week periods and may not be divided.

~Register by Friday, May 10 for Early Bird Rates!


Stars Class ages 2-4 yrs old

Suns Class ages 3.5 – 6 yrs old (prior to entry into first grade)

Summer Registration 2019

Admission Agreement

Please note: Registration forms AND signed Admission Agreement are required for enrollment.