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School Supplies


Please help your children select comfortable clothing that they can easily manage themselves, such as pants with elastic wastes and shoes with Velcro. Please keep in mind that their clothes are likely to get dirty at school!

Children should not wear shoes without a back (a strap is fine), or clothing with violent themes or super hero characters.

Students in the Suns classroom should bring in a pair of non-super hero or non-character slippers. Crocs are acceptable in place of slippers for classroom use only. We don’t recommend Crocs for outside use as they tend to slip off easily and they tend to fill with bark! Please speak with the teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

All children should have a change of clothing, including shoes and two sets of underpants. Please send spare clothing in a labeled Ziploc bag.



Stars Parents should bring diapers, checking periodically to replenish. We supply wipes. No pullups please!


Personal items:

Children should not bring personal items to school unless it is a sharing day. No pacifiers, sippy cups or bottles should be at school.

All personal items (including sweaters, jackets, rest items, and lunchboxes) should be labeled.



We provide a daily morning snack at school and gladly accept snack donations. Please see the lists in each classroom of suggested snack items. Thanks!

Peanut-Free Zone
Due to a severe allergy, Sun and Stars is now a peanut-free school. All of our snacks served at school must be free of peanuts and peanut products. Please also help us by eliminating foods from your child’s lunches that could contain peanuts and/or peanut products. (Examples include; peanut butter, mixed nuts, various granola bars, etc) Other nut butters such as almond butter, soynut butter, sunflower seed butter, etc are fine.

We also ask that children wash hands prior to entering the classroom. Hand washing before school is a good health habit anyway as it helps to eliminate the spread of contagious illness. Please communicate this information to any other caregivers involved with bringing your child to school. We really appreciate your cooperation in this team effort to protect the wellbeing of our students. Please contact the office if you have any questions and thank you for your support!



Please apply sunscreen to your child before school and let the teachers know if you forgot and would like it applied. Please bring a labeled bottle if you request that a certain type be used. We will assume that everyone is wearing sunscreen and will not be re-applying unless requested. Thanks!



Suns students should bring one family photo to keep in the earthquake kits. Stars students, please provide one photo of just your child for their cubby and two family photos: one for the earthquake kit and one framed (5×7 or smaller) for use in class.


For children staying until 3:00pm


Lunch Supplies:

Please obtain and send a cloth placemat, a napkin, utensils and a drink in your child’s lunch daily. Choose nutritious items, including a protein and fruit. We will encourage them to eat their fresh fruits, veggies and proteins first. Reminder: no peanuts or peanut products in lunches please!
Do not send any chocolate or other high sugar foods. Utilize containers, which your child can facilitate on their own. Get input/assistance from your child when making their lunch. Visit for some great container ideas.


Rest Items:

Children who remain for nap/rest time should have a crib-sized sheet and a small blanket put into a full size pillow case (a tiny pillow is optional). Please talk with the teacher about nap requests for your child. Thank you!