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Montessori Education

Maria Montessori embarked on an educational journey which has made worldwide impact since its beginnings in the early 1900’s.

Based on the scientific understanding of the emerging brain development of a child, and the incredible ability to receive information via the senses, Montessori schools throughout the world are filled with concrete learning materials to expand the understanding of a child.

The idea that children are sponges, explodes in Montessori classrooms, as children experience living education in the areas of mathematics, sensorial development, practical living skills, language arts and cultural subjects. Concrete, self-correcting learning materials allow the child to discover, explore and integrate complex information into simple, understandable concepts.

Underneath the academia, lies the true heart of Montessori education – the cultivation of true inner qualities that make for peaceful existence within the classroom and outside community. Children learn lessons of grace and courtesy and study peoples of the world, in an effort to find their contribution to others, and to practice understanding and tolerance. “This,” Montessori said, “is education for peace.”